Roast Pig With Orange Marinade

Roast Pig With Orange Marinade

Recipe of: Meat
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Recipe of Roast Pig With Orange Marinade
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In a blender add the orange and lemon juice, and the chopped garlic. Remove the leaves from the herbs and add to the juice along with salt and blend.
Strain the juice and keep the herbs to one side. Flatten the piglet so it will sit within a grill frame.
Fill the needle with the herb flavoured juice and inject at evenly spaced points across the skin of the piglet.
Leave it to rest for 15 minutes. Score the skin then place in the China box for about 3–4 hours. Turn every hour for even cooking.


1 whole piglet approx. 6–8 kg
1 litre orange juice
¼ litre lemon juice
6 garlic cloves, chopped
1 bunch oregano
1 bunch thyme
2 tsp salt
bay leaves

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Roast Pig With Orange Marinade
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